FOMM Corporation

SERVICE|Exploring new possibilities.We are constantly “pushing the tech envelope”with unique and innovative technology for everything from developing electric vehicles to consulting and solutions


We gladly respond to a wide range of issues
from design & development to consulting.

Designing & developing micro electric vehicles

Always searching for new breakthroughs and possibilities, we make the most of what electric vehicles have to offer by producing micro electric vehicles with totally new features. In 2014 we produced our first electric vehicle.

Creating original products

We design and develop components used in electric vehicles. This work covers the whole spectrum of original component development from the frame to the motor and control system.

Engineering consulting

Our engineering consulting service provides solid solutions for micro electric vehicle related issues based on our amassed history of successful development.


Always searching for new possibilities
in electric vehicles

Our R&D efforts are aimed at making electric vehicles an ideal match for a particular region. To create vehicles that match different regions based on factors such as local features, customer needs, and special advantages offered by micro electric vehicles, we don’t limit ourselves merely to cars but follow up on possibilities found in all types of transportation.