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Micro electric vehicle|FOMM

In February 2014, we introduce the “FOMM Concept One” representing
world’s smallest class 4-seater electric vehicle

FOMM Concept One

Concept One|FOMM

Total length × total width × total height : 2495×1295×1550mm
Empty vehicle weight : 460kg
Number of passengers : 4persons
Maximum output : 5kW×2
Maximum torque : 280Nm×2 (front wheel drive in-wheel motors)
Note : All figures are target design values.

Achieving the world's smallest class 4-seater electric vehicle

World’s smallest 4-seater vehicle provides both high spatial efficiency for housing the front
in-wheel motors as well as a new steering systemfor operating the vehicle totally by hand.

Floats in water and even moves on water surface Electric vehicle with flood and water damage resistance capability

Flood and water damage resistance capability helps prevent breakdowns even in the floods and downpours that often occur in Southeast Asia (Note 1). Even if caught in a flood, a water-jet generator allows vehicle movement on the water surface (Note 2).

Note 1: Maintenance work is required after vehicle was caught up in floods or water damage.
Note 2: This is an emergency function. This is not an amphibious vehicle.Movement capability on water is limited.

Cassette type battery and home electric charging system

Includes cassette type detachable lithium ion battery. Battery can also be used in the home.
Vehicle can hold up to 6 batteries allowing a driving range of 100 km (62 miles). (Urban driving mode)

Sliding door on both sides

Small turning radius allows easy vehicle movement in narrow alleys and lanes. Sliding doors on both sides make getting in and out of the vehicle in those places simple and smooth. This is really convenient for passengers.

Simple cooler system(Option)

Simple heat-storage cooler in vehicle is ideal for weather in Southeast Asian countries. The simple cooler design is optimal for short-range trips and causes no loss in vehicle cruising range.


A perfect vehicle of the future : a “water-world spaceship” We first hit on the word “Capsule” as our theme. This sturdy “Capsule” protects us so we can feel secure when venturing into new worlds. This concept led to the “water-world spaceship” theme as the perfect vehicle of the future. Underneath the dynamically proportioned modern exterior lie features including... Distinctive Steering—Tower shaped outlet—And all of this in a Comfortable interior with seats far surpassing its vehicle class. A design driven by the inventiveness of forward-looking minds that combines both function and fun. Creating our modeling motif called “mutual widening ripples” in a variety of locations led to people in the project mutually influencing and assisting each other. The creation of “FOMM Concept One” is a direct result of those ripples.