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In February 2014, we introduce the “FOMM Concept One” representing
world's smallest class 4-seater electric vehicle

first concept one car
  • World's Smallest Class

    Achieving the world's
    smallest class 4-seater
    electric vehicle

  • Floats In Water

    Floats in water and
    even moves on water
    Electric vehicle with
    flood and water damage
    resistance capability

  • Cassette Type Battery

    Cassette type battery
    and home electric
    charging system

  • Sliding Door

    Sliding door on both sides

  • Cooler System

    Simple cooler system

Total length × total width × total height : 2495×1295×1550mm
Empty vehicle weight : 460kg
Number of passengers : 4persons
Maximum output : 5kW×2
Maximum torque : 280Nm×2 (front wheel drive in-wheel motors)
Note : All figures are target design values.

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