FOMM Corporation

COMPANY|Putting the WOW! in technology. We bring value to a whole new level by creating wonder and inspiration. We are making our start with the whole world before us.


Pioneering a world-oriented business
through new “concepts” in electric vehicles.

Our company FOMM is exploring the possibilities that electric vehicles offer and developing micro electric vehicles that incorporate new “concepts” to promote their widespread use. Though these are “micro electric vehicles” we place priority on the basics demanded of any car or namely “drive-turn-stop” and “collision safety” aiming for a level that horizontally specialized car makers can never achieve. The approach taken at FOMM is based on “tech fostered in Japan” to develop an “as yet unseen type of electric vehicle” through “local optimization” focused first of all on marketing in Southeast Asia. Here at FOMM we continually provide “vehicles for easy, safe, and comfortable transportation anytime and anywhere” and are totally dedicated to this theme.

Main business activities

  • 1:Compact electric vehicle developmentAnnounced world’s smallest class 4-seater electric vehicle, in 2014
  • 2:Product developmentDevelopment of high-performance in-wheel motors
    for compact electric vehicles
  • 3:Technical consultants for micro electric vehicles
  • 4:R&DDesign and development functions and performance
    to meet regional needs
The term “FOMM” signifies “First One Mile Mobility.” We want to stress that the car we are creating is especially ideal for giving the close-range “Mobility” needed to move that “First One Mile” for example from your home to the bus-train station or from home to the car-share parking spot. We also want to create a permanent personal feeling with the customer and propose a whole new way to use these vehicles. That is what the FOMM concept is all about.


Tech that inspires people
from around the world.

Automobiles are currently an indispensable part our lives. However, they are not always easy for everyone to use. Here at FOMM, we want to take advantage of the special features that electric vehicles offer to create micro electric vehicles that will become a familiar and ideal tool for short-range transportation in our lives. These will not be ordinary electric vehicles where a motor merely replaces the engine, but vehicles providing customers a new level of value and bringing innovation to their lives. “My dream” is to make such vehicles a reality starting from the planning and design stages; and “my motivation” is seeing these vehicles dashing around the city and the smiling faces of customers driving them. The opportunity to develop compact vehicles will provide the impetus to create motorcycles and vehicles in new configurations that serve as a true “magic carpet” pushing the boundaries of vehicles towards a truly ubiquitous society.

Profile of President Hideo Tsurumaki

Hideo Tsurumaki joined Suzuki Motor Corporation in April 1982 assisting in multi-faceted developmental work ranging from design of scooter engines to motocross bike frames. In April 1997 he successfully developed the “Coms” single-seater electric vehicle at Araco Corporation and he also participated in development of the “i-unit” and “i-real” vehicles. He later on worked on planning and development of a new model “Coms” for Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd. In October 2012 he worked on planning for micro electric vehicles for the Southeast Asian market at the Sim-Drive Corporation. In February 2013, he established the FOMM Company with the aim of creating micro electric vehicles and currently serves as company president.


Company NameFOMM Corporation
AddressKawasaki Business Incubation Center Honkan214, 7-7 Shinkawasaki, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 212-0032, JAPAN
TEL044-200-4020 (+81-44-200-4020)
FoundedFebruary 2013
Capital4,687,364 Dollars
PresidentHideo Tsurumaki
Business descriptionDevelop and produce compact electric vehicles
(in 2014, announced world’s smallest class
4-seater electric vehicle)
Product development
(develop high-performance in-wheel motors
for compact electric vehicles)
Technical consultants for micro electric vehicles
(Design and develop functions and performance
to meet regional needs)
February 4, 2013Company founded
February 22, 2013Increased third party share allocations
March, 2013Commenced design and
development of micro electric vehicles
April 12, 2013Increased third party share allocations
July 5, 2013Increased third party share allocations
December 25, 2013Increased third party share allocations
February 2014Announced the FOMM Concept One
June 25, 2014Increased third party share allocations
August 26Increased third party share allocations
October 29Increased third party share allocations
December 29Increased third party share allocations
February 27, 2015Increased third party share allocations
May 29Increased third party share allocations